Breadcrumbs: ActionScript 3

Breadcrumbs: ActionScript 3 is a leap into the concepts of developing Rich Internet Applications. This book focuses on the concepts of development, and helps a new developer understand the constructs of the language. The structure of the book brings designers and new developers through a lesson based journey demonstrating why things are the way they are and how to take »

Oh The Places We’ll Go…

When in New Orleans I have a routine. My coworker Sean and I spend part of the work day at CC’s on Magazine Street. There, I zone out into a combination of casual banter, ferociously typing code on my laptop, and pacing back and forth on conference calls. At some point it dawns on me – I’m starving! But »

Too Cool for School

For many years I worked as an IT trainer, flying around the world teaching IT classes. I still remember delivering my first online class — just me and a room filled with vacant computers. I talked while pacing as if people were sitting in those seats, as my class was beamed to offices, bedrooms, and who knows where else. Read More »

Jobs? We Don’t Need No Jobs!

It’s kind of scary when you think about technology and innovation. With all the greatness it brings, it also slowly forces us to ask a really scary question: Why do we need humans? Read at »

What Is TV?

Leave it to technology to make once-clear things quite blurry. Think about it: What is a TV? Is Netflix TV? Is HBO Go or HBO Now on a tablet TV? Hulu on a smartphone, is that TV? What really counts as TV these days? Read more at Biz New Orleans »

Car Sharing Killed the Taxi Star

For technology companies, a key goal is to disrupt the status quo. Think about it: The spreadsheet disrupted the accounting industry. The iPhone changed cellphones. And Tesla is working to change our views on driving electric cars. Read more at Biz New Orleans »

Time to Leave Your Wallet at Home?

This weekend I ran to Whole Foods Market to grab a few things, but this time I didn’t swipe my Capital One credit card. I reached for my iPhone 6 plus, scanned my thumb on the home button, and wham! I was done. Read more at Biz New Orleans »

Somebody’s Watching Me

This is not only the title to a popular ’80s song, but an increasing reality. As smartphones become more ubiquitous in our daily lives, we are increasingly being watched - for good and bad. Read more at Biz New Orleans »

Wallpaper Wednesday

I don't know about you, but I'm 100% tired of the same wallpaper day in and day out. I decided to fix my problem with a Mac OS X app that channels Flickr's best images of the day. The app can also be expanded to pull from other sources. I like it, so give it a try. Download the Mac »